Introduction of foam fire extinguishing system

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Foam fire extinguishing equipment is an important part of foam extinguishing system foam extinguishing equipment consists mainly of products: Foam proportioner (ring pump type foam proportioner, pressure proportioner, negative pressure proportioner, balanced proportion mixer), bubble generator (low expansion air foam generator, low expansion air foam generator, in multiples air foam generator, high expansion air foam generator, foam nozzle, foam nozzle), no network foam fire extinguishing device (atmospheric type fire extinguisher, outdoor fire hydrant foam, foam spray fire extinguishing device, foam spray fire extinguishing device, semi fixed foam fire extinguishing device) and other equipment (fire fighting foam kitchen cabinet, closed bubble water spray system, foam water gun, foam water dual-purpose guns, tunnel special foam spray Control valve group, large space detector, pressure type storage tank (fixed pressure type storage tank, moving pressure tank, fixed negative pressure tank, moving negative pressure tank).
Foam proportional mixer
1 ring pump type foam proportioning mixer
PH series foam proportioner installed in the pump, which is matched with the pump, according to requirements of the fitted foam injection equipment of foam fluid volume, according to the proportion of absorbing liquid foam, and sent to the water pump inlet pipe, so that the mixed with water to form a mixture of foam fire fighting equipment
Mixing ratio: 6% ~ 7%;
The inlet pressure (MPa): 0.6 ~ 1.4 (the pressure at the pump outlet);
The outlet pressure (MPa): <0.03 (pressure at the pump inlet);
2 pressure proportional mixer
The 1 device mixture ratio adjustable, and the mixing ratio is stable, unaffected by pressure variations. 2 pressure proportional mixer resistance drop is small.
3 water source can be directly taken from the pressure water pipe network or fire engine.
4 due to the pressure of water and foam liquid in the tank is separated by the diaphragm, the bubble liquid sealed storage, not easy to corrupt, suitable for injection detection at any time.
5 the foam system is always in a state of fire fighting and preparing for war.
6 the device is suitable for high, medium and low power foam extinguishing system.
7 the device can be in the same tank with different mixing proportion ratio of mixer. 8 the device tank can be used for carbon steel, stainless steel or stainless steel composite steel plate and a carbon steel manufacturing. 3 negative pressure proportional mixer
PHF series of negative pressure proportional mixer can automatically inhale different proportions of the foam liquid, is a mobile or local application of high magnification Lou foam fire extinguishing system equipment. When the pressure through the device, the water and the foam can be mixed in a ratio of 3% or 6%, the supply of high foam foam generator to fight a class or class B fire.
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