Two fire products ISO international standard is about to release

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Recently, in the just concluded international standards to develop project ISO7076-3 the foam extinguishing system - Part 3: medium expansion foam equipment "and ISO7076-4 the foam extinguishing system - Part 4: high expansion foam equipment" dis voting activities. The two draft was unanimously approved without objection votes. In accordance with the provisions of the ISO guidelines, will be directly into the publishing process, is expected to be officially released in July 2016.
The project is following the ISO7076-1 the foam extinguishing system - Part 1: Foam proportion mixing device and ISO7076-2 the foam extinguishing system - Part 2: low expansion foam equipment smoothly after the release, drafted by the organizations in China and two foam fire extinguishing system of international standards of project.
Under the support of the National Standards Commission and the Ministry of public security fire department, the Ministry of public security of Tianjin fire research led with presided over the formulation and ISO7076-2 ISO7076-1 the project experience in and the superiority, in the preparation of the draft and feedback processing process to our country GB20031 the foam fire extinguishing systems and components through technical conditions "and other relevant standards based, absorbs all the advantages of standard, actively coordinate and solve the key performance index and controversy larger technical problems, reach a broad consensus.
DIS voting is the most critical decision stage in the process of ISO standard project, which will affect the future development trend of the project. This two standards approved by member states unanimously, showing the bubble in China's fire extinguishing system products of international standardization gain wide international recognition, standard is published will fill international organization for Standardization (ISO) foam fire extinguishing system related fields blank, to promote our products international trade and cross the barriers to international trade, enhance the influence of China's international standardization work.
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