Fire lane and fire fighting area

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Fire lane
1 set the fire lane in order to ensure that when there is a fire, fire truck can smoothly. To reach the fire quickly, timely extinguish fires and reduce fire losses.
2 the establishment of fire lane should consider the passage of fire engines to meet the needs of fire fighting and rescue. The concrete setting of the fire lane should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on fire protection technology.
Two, the fire fighting surface
1 the meaning of fire fighting
Fire fighting side is refers to the aerial fire truck can be close to the top of the main building, so that the fire engine operation and fire personnel into the high-rise buildings to save people and extinguishing of the building facade.
2 set fire fighting surface
Tall buildings and highrise buildings should be set under the fire fight, the specific requirements should be consistent with existing national standards "high civil buildings" code for design of (gb50045) and "code for fire protection design of buildings" GB50016 relevant provisions.
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