The correct use and maintenance method of fire hose

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It is used to transport the fire hose high pressure water or foam flame retardant liquid hose. Fire hose at both ends with metal joints, can be connected to another root zone in order to extend the distance or is connected with the nozzle to increase the liquid jet pressure.
The correct use and maintenance method of fire hose:
1, the new folding suture zone straight, then through the water irrigation, slightly in favor of hardness, folding suture;
2, each section of the hose two people also fold a roll, one hand from any end point began folding suture, another followed, according to the new line disk volume;
3, water roll after dried, the new folding line can be fixed. According to this method, any type of water, can greatly prolong service life.
4, to implement the personnel management, quality classification, number of record, timely grasp of water quality and usage.
5, should set up specialized storage location or storage room, long-term storage of spare hose to choose suitable temperature, ventilated place to store, hose should be single volume rose to drain with frame, turning every year twice or exchange folding time. With the car hose to avoid friction with each other when necessary exchange hem.
6, laying should avoid sudden twists and turns, torsion, avoid dragged on the ground is filled with water, avoid contact with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals; in may have a flame or strong radiation region of heat, should use cotton or linen hose; laying hose to water with a dry powder fire extinguisher for water-based fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, fire hose, fire dragon into -30 years focused on GB fire extinguisher production by rail hook; from the bottom of the rail through, through the road, should cushion water bridge protection; avoid contact with hard objects with edges and corners of the hose, dismantling the building, not to the water. Wood, steel and other items; water after use should be cleaned; cold area laying hose should use inner lining in the exterior of the building.
7, when the use of loopholes, should be timely with a packet wrapped, so as to avoid small holes to expand, and do on the mark, in time to repair. Usually should always check, found damaged, timely repair.
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