What are our usual fire fighting equipment

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1, the commonly used fire fighting equipment dry powder fire extinguishing device, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing device, home fire extinguishers, car with a fire, forest fire extinguishers, so fire extinguishing device, water fire extinguishers, hanging fire extinguishing device, a gun type fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher boxes, fire extinguisher pylons.
2 fire hydrant, including indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system. Indoor fire hydrant system including fire hydrant, hose, gun. Outdoor fire hydrant, including on the ground and underground, outdoor fire hydrant in large petrochemical fire facilities used more widely, petrochemical firefighting water system have been used for the majority of stable high pressure water system, fire hydrant is from the general gradually transformed for pressure regulating type fire hydrant.
3, breaking tools, including fire axes, cutting tools, etc.. As for the other, all belong to the fire protection system the, such as automatic fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system, smoke control system, fire compartment, fire broadcasting system, gas fire extinguishing system, emergency evacuation system.
Do you know how to maintain these fire fighting equipment regularly? Fire fighting the world to share with you some of these useful and even life-saving fire equipment.
Can not be arbitrarily removed and with bad fire equipment, once the demolition is likely to produce the consequences you can not expect.
For a fire extinguisher, the fire extinguisher agent to be replaced regularly, the handle and nozzle failure to timely maintenance.
At any time to check the fire hydrant box inside the equipment (such as gas masks, emergency flashlight, fire extinguishers) is complete with good.
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